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Friday, 28/Nov/2008

Friday Islay Picture #83 - Saltire and the Paps of Jura

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Some might argue that this weeks Friday Islay picture isn't really an Islay picture. Well, to that I answer that the view is from the Sound of Islay just off Port Askaig. In anticipation of the upcoming St Andrew's Day and as a first follow up to the promise given here I present you this view:

Picture of the Saltire flying on the bow staff of a Calmac ferry with the distinct shape of the Paps of Jura in the background

The flag is obviously The Saltire, flying on the bow staff of the Calmac ferry. While it is flying there every day this Sunday it should be flying in many more places.

On many days the Paps of Jura are covered in clouds, so here's the first instalment of a few nice views of them on a clear and sunny day. This one is from the ferry as it is just leaving from the pier in Port Askaig, about to turn south to travel along the Sound of Islay.

Have a great weekend!

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