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Friday, 19/Dec/2008

Friday Islay Picture #86 - Geese and Sheep

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

If you thought I would stop with the Friday Islay picture after starting the Islay Pictures - Pictures from the Isle of Islay, Scotland photoblog I can assure there is nothing to worry about. I've grown quite fond of this regular feature at the end of the working week, so I plan to continue with it. I haven't even reached 100 yet, so there's still a while to go...

Picture of geese and sheep grazing in the same field

This week I decided to pick a ‘topical picture’: Last night the RSPB posted a very interesting news item titled Geese make Islay a winter wildlife wonderland, so I thought a picture of some geese mixing with sheep at the Loch Gruinart would be quite fitting. There's a very interesting video of James How talking about the geese in the piece, well worth watching.

With that I wish you a great weekend and fourth advent! If you're off to Islay over the Christmas period have a good journey and a great time. I'm off to read a book...

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