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Wednesday/Mittwoch, 07/Jan/2009

More Islay auf Deutsch

No, it's not the Language Week to write in German again, yet there are two pieces about Islay in German I'd like to mention today. One I'm directly involved in and one by someone called Jörn Klare. Both are about Islay whisky, at least in a way. With apologies to my non-German speaking readers here they are:

A few weeks ago Markus of asked me if I was interested in writing a guest entry for his blog about learning English. May be something about Islay? I didn't have to think long and agreed to write something for him. Then the challenge began, combining writing about Islay with explaining a few English/Scottish words to his readers. Over the long New Year weekend I found the right words.

Today it was published: Gastbeitrag: The Isle of Islay. I hope it was received well, first feedback seems to be positive. Unfortunately there was also a little problem: I don't know what the problem was, for some reason all my websites weren't accessible for a few hours this afternoon. My apologies to anyone who tried to visit this afternoon, I hope you can enjoy all my pages about Islay now.

Now the contribution about Islay by Jörn Klare: I have a vague memory this might have been mentioned on the Bruichladdich Blog at some point. I picked it up from the's whiskyfan Twitter feed though, telling me to ‘hört den glücklichen Engeln von Islay zu’. Which I did this evening with a wee dram:

On the website of the Bayrischer Rundfunk you can listen online to “Notizen von den Hebriden”: Die glücklichen Engel von Islay. Jörn Klare visited Islay and in particular Bruichladdich distillery. He spoke with a number of people including Jim McEwan, James Brown (of Octomore fame) and Mark Reynier. His report describes the whisky making process and its importance particularly on Islay. You get to hear quite a lot from his interviews even when some of the translation is spoken over it. If you know your Islay whisky there won't be anything new in it, but for a beginner I think it is an excellent introduction to Islay and its whiskies.

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