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Thursday, 15/Jan/2009

Two Islay Distillery Videos

Not just one, no, two Islay whisky distillery videos today. Why two? Well, first of all they are both fairly short, so I thought giving you both will keep you busy for longer. Second they are both from the same contributor, ghlieme, who visited Islay in August 2008. For the first video we visit Laphroaig distillery:


From Laphroaig a quick drive two miles east takes us to the next distillery where he recorded a video, Ardbeg distillery. Here the view is from the rocks at the shore (I think it's requirement for every visitor to climb them) over the distillery as well as out to sea:


There's also a third video about him claiming his Friend of Laphroaig plot, although I suspect that might only make sense to German speakers: Isle of Islay: Laphroaig - mein “friends of Laphroaig - plot”.

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