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Sunday, 18/Jan/2009

Bowmore Islay Distillery Boiler Movie - Part 4

No weekend break for the guys from Bowmore distillery: I wasn't expecting the latest instalment of the Bowmore boiler's journey to Islay until tomorrow, but after arriving in Loch Indaal in Bowmore Islay Distillery Boiler Movie - Part 3 we can now watch the drama starting to unfold on Islay:


While the other parts were very interesting from a general point of view it now gets even more interesting with the local Islay flavour. Apart from the main action of the unloading we get to see a number of local people including a young Jim McEwan (while now at Bruichladdich he started his career at Bowmore. Unfortunately I can't remember where I read it just now, but there's a fabulous quote somewhere about him getting into trouble with his mother about sneaking out to the distillery after school and being sent to bed without dinner when she finds out about it).

The editing is fabulous again, the end of this clip again makes me want more. While I know that something goes wrong I don't know what (if you do I'd appreciate if you don't tell me/us, so that we can enjoy the next instalments), so I'm now looking forward to part 5.

PS: I've added part 4 to the YouTube playlist as well: Islay Bowmore Boiler Distillery Journey

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