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Wednesday, 04/Feb/2009

Islay's Laggan Farm Changes

Composite picture of a house using an old and a new version of the same view

Comparing old Islay pictures to their current counterparts is always a fascinating topic for me and quite a few other people. Some might know Mark Unsworth book ‘Islay Past and Present’ which I reviewed in 2007. Today through the generous help by Paul from the Basildon Malt Whisky Circle I can add another view of a place on Islay then and now:

Back in December 2008 Tim Helmer left a comment at this entry asking for some help about his Grandmother's old family home:

Anyone ever see this place? It's my Grandmothers old family home and it's somewhere near Lagan at Bowmore Islay.

I live in Canada and have never been to Islay but if I make it there I would like to photograph what it looks like today. (I think this photo is from around 1900)

He also left a link to his family history page with several old pictures: A Brief History of Mine. Paul commented saying that he was going to be on Islay in January and could take some pictures if we could tell him where to go. Google to the rescue: Laggan Farm, Bowmore, Isle Of Islay PA43, UK. Armed with this information Paul went to Islay.

A few days ago Paul sent Tim and me quite a few pictures he took, he also pointed out that on the Islay Quilters website you can find a good aerial view (scroll down to the bottom half). With the two sets of pictures I went ahead and created an IslayBlog specials page:

Laggan Farm Then and Now

I hope you like the pictures and find the comparison interesting. Many thanks to Paul again for his help! If you have any further information please leave them in the comments.

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