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Wednesday, 06/May/2009

Wild Sounds of Islay CD by James How

Most of the things I present on this blog are visible, like pictures or videos of and about Islay. So how to present something that's only audible and some people might not have heard anything like it before? That's the challenge I had with James How's CD ‘Wild Sounds of Islay’. In the end I decided to create a short ‘10 second sample presentation’:


As the name suggests the CD contains recordings of the wild sounds of Islay, meaning the sounds of Islay's bird- and other wildlife. Keeping in mind that James works for the RSPB in his day job it's not surprising that the majority of the sounds is of Islay's birds. However, there are also other sounds like Roe Deer barking or Grey Seals.

In total there are 20 different sounds on the CD, some shorter, some longer. Total running time is just under 23 minutes.

The recording is not a ‘sterile’ documentation of the specific bird or animal, instead James has tried to capture the moment. There are some background sounds, adding to the atmosphere. Certainly appealing to me, who is not a really a birdwatcher but still interested in the birds in their environment on Islay. Not to forget the memories of birds I have heard myself on Islay like the corncrake or the geese. I think it's great for anyone interested in Islay and its wildlife.

So where to get it should you be interested? Talking with James when I bought the CD from him he plans to sell it mainly at the RSPB Loch Gruinart, but he's also exploring other options. You should also be able to buy it directly from him at the Islay visitor welcome evenings he's presenting at. If I hear anything further I'll update this entry.

Update: The CD is now also available in the Islay Natural History Trust centre at Port Charlotte

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