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Some Upcoming Islay Events

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If you thought the Feis Ile, the Islay Festival of Malt and Music was the only big event on Islay then you are likely to miss out on a quite a lot. It might be the biggest, but by far not the only one. There are a number of very interesting events coming up on Islay over the next few weeks I thought worth mentioning. Some I'll be lucky enough to attend myself during my upcoming Islay visit, some I'll just miss:

Unfortunately I'll miss the first event, as it will take place this Friday 05/Jun/2009: From 10:30 hrs to 16:30 Islay's first ‘Producers Market’ will take place at Islay House Square. The products and producers will include Craigens Oysters, An Gleann Tablet, Chutneys & Jams, Andrew MacEachern’s Crab, Justin Ruthven Tyers garden furniture, Islay Estates Venison Baquettes, Home Baking, Neil Campbell Butchers, Fresh Hen & Guinea Fowl Eggs & Community Garden Produce.

I will be at the next event I'm going to write about though, the Education2020 Unconference on 12/Jun/2009. I've already written about the unconference in more detail a few weeks ago, it's one of the main reasons I'm going next week. Around 40 participants are expected, really looking forward to it. Expect quite a lot of discussion under the #education2020 tag on Twitter over the next few days...

The next day will see the Islay Beach Rugby tournament 2009, an event I've wanted to visit for quite some time. This year I'll be there. There's quite a bit on the web about it already, the Bruichladdich Blog writes about Beach Rugby (Bruichladdich is a sponsor of the event), for argyll even has two entries: Islay Beach Rugby - you’d better believe it, you’d better see it and Update on Islay Beach Rugby tournament - 13th June. Fingers crossed we'll get some fine weather again for what promises to be a great event.

Now I don't know anything about fly fishing and must admit I'm not particularly interested in it, but the following week the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships 2009 will take place on Islay. I assume it's not exactly a spectator sport, but on Monday 15/Jun there will be a Grand parade through Bowmore Village to Bowmore Distillery (the main sponsor).

Last but by no means least the 17th Islay Triathlon will take place on Saturday 20/Jun/2009, starting at 14:00hrs (check with the Mactaggart Leisure Centre for the entry form and details). Unfortunately I won't be able to see much (if anything) of it, as I'm leaving with the afternoon boat that day.

I think that's enough events for now. Apart from getting back to where we started and a heads up that the 2010 Islay whisky festival is scheduled for 22/May - 30/May/2010.

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