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Saturday, 06/Jun/2009

Islay on Google Squared

One of the latest tools available from Google is Google Squared. Inspired by an entry Funky search result on Google Squared I tried the new tool to see how it copes with a search for Islay. Not too surprisingly a plain search for Islay on Google Squared churns out a list of the whiskies and the distilleries on Islay:

Screenshot of the search results for ‘Islay’ on Google Squared

Biggerise the screenshot of Islay on Google Squared

The list of the distilleries and whiskies is fairly complete, although there are a few strange things in the list. While it will be a distillery again at some point I'm not sure why Port Charlotte is listed. More importantly one of the entries actually points to Port Charlotte in Florida, United States. To its credit this entry is ‘greyed out’, as if Google knows it shouldn't really be there. Some of the descriptions also are a bit odd, e.g. Ardbeg picks up a list of countries.

Nevertheless, keeping in mind this is a brand new tool still in the Google Labs section it's quite impressive. So I played on and started to create my own squares:

The first one I called Islands comparison, listing several islands including Islay, Jura and Colonsay. That seems to work quite well, only the description for Jura being a bit off.

The second I called Islay Bays, listing some of the beautiful beaches and bays on Islay. That worked reasonably well, it picked up pictures and descriptions. It struggles with the location though and I couldn't find any other useful fields with usable values.

Third and last (for now) I tried Islay villages. I had to trick it a bit (adding ‘village’ to some of the names) to avoid returning the distilleries instead of the villages. But then it works surprisingly well.

What can you come up with? Have you created any Islay related squares? Feel free to share them in the comments if you have.

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