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Sunday, 21/Jun/2009

Back From Islay...

Picture of beach rugby in full action

The Islay blogging break turned out longer than anticipated, just didn't get around to do any blogging over the last week since leaving for the beach rugby after the Education 2020 Unconference. I've had a great time on Islay again, despite some rather mixed weather this week. While I didn't do some of the things I had thought of doing (e.g. I decided not to go to Colonsay as the weather on Wednesday wasn't as I had hoped for) I did manage to fit in a few others instead.

Picture of footsteps along a golden sandy beach, dunes on the right

As I was staying at Kilchoman House Cottages for the second week (after a few great days at The Monachs) I could go on to Kilchoman Beach for my daily run. I can't think of any better places for that. The weather only allowed for one nice sunset, but what a sunset (at Saligo Bay) it was:

Picture of a sunset with the sun just disappearing behind the horizon

While I had hoped for more in the end I only went on one long walk, from Saligo Bay past the ‘Opera House Rocks’ to Traigh Bhan with the Exmouth memorial. Some great views during this walk, including this one:

Picture of a distinct rock formation close to the sea

Unfortunately I didn't make it to the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships 2009 opening parade in Bowmore, but instead I did get to see some of the fishing on Loch Ballygrant and Loch Finlaggan. Some of it more interesting and photogenic (as well as ‘videogenic’) than I had expected:

Picture of a boat with anglers on a loch, some distinctive mountains in the background

I took many many more pictures (and some video footage), hopefully more of all that over the next few days and weeks. Many thanks to everyone I met (and apologies to those I missed), you've helped to make it a great time again!

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