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Monday, 29/Jun/2009

Saligo Bay (Islay) Sunset as Timelapse

Islay on Video written in stencil

With the current heatwave continuing on Islay (Port Ellen managed 23.4°C this afternoon from the looks of it) and the rest of the UK (I think we were in the high 20s down here today and the forecast is 30°C for Tuesday) many people look forward to the evenings when it cools down and the sun sets. Talking of sunsets, Ron posted his Islay Sunsets Video today, a collection of sunset pictures. I thought I'll add to that with a Saligo Bay sunset timelapse:


I've got the funny feeling some people will hate seeing the sunset ‘speeded up’ this way, others will like it. I think it at least partly demonstrates the fantastic changes of the colours over the 2.5 hours period the video covers (it runs from 20:15 to 22:45 hrs in mid June).

With hindsight I would have picked a slightly different spot to set up the camera, the sun didn't move as far north-west as I had thought. Unfortunately I didn't have the weather for another attempt this June, but there will be other visits.

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