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Thursday, 09/Jul/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #83

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

No, you don't need to check your clock, watch, calendar, phone, computer or whatever else you use to keep track of the date and day. Today isn't a Sunday. It's a Thursday. Yet there is going to be an Islay blogging roundup today at the rather unusual day for it. It's been a while since the last one and it's time to start them again. Also my father and sister will arrive tomorrow for a visit, for the next two weekends I probably won't have enough time to write a roundup. There were quite a few mentions for Islay in the blogs, I hope you'll find something interesting:

My own entry about the Education 2020 Unconference on Islay has just dropped off the frontpage, luckily there are many many others I can point you to: To start with two pre-unconference entries: Islay 2009: CPD and Beach Rugby and This week is the week of the un-conference.

Then the reports from it, there were so many (teachers and educators here in the UK seem to be incredibly well networked and connected) I decided to link them in a list:

There quite possibly were others, these were the ones I picked up (if I missed any please let me know so that I can add them to the list). On to other areas:

Despite the Islay Whisky festival being back in May I still picked up a few entries about it: Islay Malt & Music Festival 2009 - Day 2 | Whisky Boys and later Islay Malt & Music Festival 2009 - Day 3 | Whisky Boys and even Islay Malt & Music Festival 2009 - Day 5 | Whisky Boys. Christine has several posts about the festival on her blog canoeing, kayaking and other adventures.

This time of year being the main holiday season there were quite a few Islay holiday entries: Solrosor: Islay. Port Ellen. Kväll ett. is from a Scandinavian (Swedish I believe) visitor. Notes from Samo claims I'm on Top of the World, enjoys Serendipity and had a Shifting Focus. Daryl only stopped on Islay - for lunch? and continued to Colonsay !!!

There was Island Hopping with the Glebe-Day 3 while Susan had Extras for Sunday. Two entries from Mirella: be my playground?: summer holidaying and be my playground?: tear my stillhouse down. The OOR ALBA BLOG writes about the Antidote to Dreich Weather in Maine, Islay summer.

Two whisky or distillery related posts I had in my bookmarks for this roundup: Laphroaig 30 – A nose to die for on the Scotch Hobbyist’s Blog and 10engines: islay distilleries.

A few selected pictures in addition to my own on the Islay Pictures photoblog: On Photogenic Scotland we find Kilchoman Beach and Light on Loch Indall – Islay. Mark's Islay Photography Gallery has some great pictures again, like Dun Athad from the monument, Look back in anger ! and Sunset at Sanaigmore.

Elliott at Islay Shipping has pictures of the M.V Island Sky and the M.V Viscount.

On Ron's Islay Weblog we find the story of Diageo Honours Islay Distilleries Staff for their long service and he asks Who Knows the Highest Recorded Maximum Temperature on Islay? The ardblog reports of some strange residue with X4 Schleim-Beweisbilder and publishes the explanation in Post von Mark Reynier zum X4 (in English).

Can't leave you without any birding and birdwatching, in particular the Islay Birds blog. Selected entries include the Greater Black Backed Gull, a young wren and Razorbills on Colonsay. John Islay Birder Armitage reports of a male Tree Sparrow on Islay and Rooks far away from their rookery.

With that I close this roundup, I'll see when I can fit the next one in. As usual the reference to the Scottish Roundup, most recently with Summertime - and the blogging is easy and earlier for the latest NoPoScoBloRo Musical ditty hissy fits and your not-so-local radio station.

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