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Monday, 27/Jul/2009

Which Blue is Islay?

Some people associate things or places with colours. Others give colours names. Earlier today I learned that Aston Martin is calling one of the colours they paint their cars in ‘Islay Blue’. If you've got £36,500 to spare, as of writing this there's this Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante available in Islay Blue.

Picture of section of a car painted in a colour called 'Islay Blue'

Now I don't know why Aston Martin decided to call this colour Islay Blue, may be one of their designers visited Islay and the colour reminded him (or her) of Islay? At least to an extent I can imagine it, there's a bit of that blue in the sky above Islay on a clear and sunny day. I personally don't associate just one colour with Islay, but a combination of the greens and browns of the landscape, the blues and whites of the sky and clouds as well as the various colours of the sea. What colour(s) do you think of when you think of Islay?

Picture of a car painted in some kind of turquoise

PS: Having twittered about it this morning Michael of in Germany pointed out that there is also a car in ‘Laddie Blue’. I wonder what the guys at Bruichladdich have to say about that, having picked up on the Islay Blue Aston Martin as well. Too bad it has been sold already (‘verkauft’ means sold) otherwise it might have served as a Laddiemobile?

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