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Wednesday, 16/Sep/2009

Bowmore Shoreline Project on Islay

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Last night Richard Heggie from Urban Animation sent me an e-mail with a very interesting link, suggesting I might find it interesting. The link contained the word Bowmore, so it was almost certainly Islay related. Following the link lead me to a page about a very interesting looking project:

I don't know anything further than what is mentioned on the page, but it is about the Shoreline Project, Bowmore, Islay. From what I understand from the page Islay Estates (who own the land in the area) are kicking off a project for a major expansion towards the west of Bowmore. In their own words this ‘will be the most significant development on the island since the construction of the original planned village at Bowmore in the 1770s.’

There's more information about the project available on the page, for me personally I found this point quite interesting:

Unlike most of the Islay villages, Bowmore largely turns its back on the coastline. However, the Shoreline site is elevated and presents an opportunity to exploit panoramic views across Loch Indaal. [..] It is hoped this may provide a location for a focal building - perhaps a heritage or tourist use.

It's something I've kind of subconsciously noticed, but have not really thought much about. But then again, compared to Port Ellen, Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Portnahaven/Port Wemyss there is some truth in the statement. Different to these if you walk or drive along the road closest to the shore you don't get to see much (if anything) of the sea. Strange.

May be I've missed it, but I can't remember hearing much (if anything) about this project before? I'm curious what the reaction in Bowmore (and also other places) about the project is?

Either way, I think it will be interesting to see if, how and when this project will proceed and what the result/outcome will be over time.

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