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Wednesday, 23/Sep/2009

Weetoon66's Islay, Jura and other Pictures

Sometimes it doesn't take much to make an impression. At least that's what ‘weetoon66’ (don't know her real name) has done for me with her Islay and Jura pictures, even though there are only a handful of them. At least one of her pictures I've linked to before, in the Praise for Islay entry from a month ago. Time for a few more:

You can find all her pictures in weetoon66's photostream on Flickr, but start with you might want to head to her Islay set. The picture I had linked to previously is this Rainbow at Ardnave, but I also very much like A stroll on the beach and Greylag geese twin flight.

Travelling slightly further afield there's a larger collection about Argyll and Davaar Island just on the other side of Kintyre from Islay. It doesn't look like there's a special collection for Jura (yet), but there are several tagged with jura. Among them Jura from Ronechan Point and Jura from Kintyre.

The rest I'll let you discover yourself…

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