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Diluain, 04/Jan/2010

Islay Hotel Entrance and Extension

The last Islay Hotel in Port Ellen update I think was the Islay Hotel and Port Ellen Maltings Silo Update and indirectly the Port Ellen (Islay) From Up High pictures from mid December. On Friday I received a few more pictures, but decided to wait until this week to make sure they get more viewers as everyone returns to work this week. Construction of the main entrance at The Islay is now under way:

Picture of the under construction entrance of a hotel

Not too much to see yet, but the progress is clearly visible. If I remember correctly Roland was planning for some kind of glass door to make it inviting. Moving on to the other side of the building, quite a lot of progress has been made at the extension:

Picture of an under construction extension to a hotel

The large windows towards the left are for the bar/restaurant, I think the smaller one towards the right belong to the ‘restrooms’. Another view from a slightly different angle:

Picture of an under construction extension to a hotel

Good to see the progress again, especially keeping in mind that the recent weather probably wasn't too helpful for (at least outside) construction work. There was also some progress at the new Port Ellen Maltings silos, more about that soon.

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