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Diluain, 29/Mar/2010

Islay Whisky Links on a Monday

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Whisky links on a Monday? Well, why not on a Monday? The distilleries on Islay produce new spirit most days, so we can have Islay whisky links today. Here are a few Islay and a Jura whisky related links I've come across recently, some quite new and fresh, others from quite a long time ago but still interesting:

Some of you will be familiar with the Ardbeg Project website, a labour of love by the Ardnut Tim Puett and his helpers. Recently a new page came online, titled The Ardbeg Choppers. That's choppers as in motorbikes, in this case special choppers created by Orange County Choppers in the Ardbeg design. Some clever ideas there, check out the spokes on the ‘Spirit of Islay’!

The musician John Cage might be known to some, in a 1981 article in the New York Times titled CUNNINGHAM AND CAGE AND A LIVELY DINNER I spotted an interesting mention:

Anyone who doesn't know this food and connects it with sanctimony loses his prejudice with the first sip of Laphroaig, Mr. Cage's favorite single malt whisky, from Islay, Scotland, which he serves in Japanese tea cups.

I've got the funny feeling I've seen this before and might have even mentioned it (the interview is from 2005), but then again at least a quick search in the archives doesn't bring it up. Another ‘celebrity’, film star and generally cool guy Johnny Depp quite likes his Islay single malt, even if it's only for the smell:

The smell of Lagavulin single-malt Scotch whisky, for example. "You've got to smell it," Depp said, flagging down a waitress. "Can we get a snifter of Lagavulin?" he said. "Just straight." He continued, "I don't drink hard liquor anymore, but I sometimes order Lagavulin just for the smell. It's so good. It's unbelievable." [..] "Peat," he said, chocolate eyes swirling with appreciation. "It's so peaty!"

Last but not least a visit to Jura (passing through Islay on the way) with a ‘brand consultant’: Jeremy Hildreth advised Isle of Jura distillery about a strategy how to sell their whisky and describes it in Isle of Jura whisky - When selling a brand is selling a place.

I'll leave you with that thought for today, good night!

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