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Dimàirt, 25/May/2010

Islay Beach Rugby Preparations

Islay Events written in stencil

While almost everyone is talking about the Islay Festival at the moment (certainly the blogs and Twitter are full of mentions of it) there are first signs of another important Islay event coming up. I'm of course talking of the Islay Beach Rugby tournament in June. Here's a recent view of the venue on Islay:

Picture of a wide beach with some houses behind

That's of course the beach in Port Ellen seen from near the Maltings. The actual rugby pitches haven't been set up yet, but the beach is clean and tidy. Here's a closer look:

Picture of a sandy beach

For me personally this is also a nagging reminder that I still haven't edited the video of the 2009 tournament I had planned to post 10 months ago. While I have uploaded the Islay Beach Rugby Final Videos I just haven't got round to edit a more general video with all round impressions. May be this will finally spur me into action and get it done this week? Feel free to remind me later this week if you want to see it.

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