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Dimàirt, 29/Jun/2010

Bumpy Motorbike Rides on Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

The entry I had originally planned to write this evening requires a bit more research than I had thought and it's far too warm still to do that. So we're going out. Riding motorbikes on Islay, as far as I can tell with a group of Dutch bikers. At least one of them probably rides a VFR, which might be of interest to at least one irregular reader of this blog. But now let's get on to Islay's bumpy single track roads, starting in the Mulindry area:


The second video takes us to the Ardbeg / Kildalton area on the south coast of Islay, passing seal bay around the one minute mark:


That's all I have for this evening, time to try to get some sleep despite the heat. Good night, I hope you've enjoyed the rides!

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