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Didòmhnaich, 11/Jul/2010

Islay Blogging Roundup #128

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Apparently more than 700 Million (that's 700,000,000) people are expected to watch the Football World Cup 2010 final this evening. If you're one of the few not watching I hope I can provide you with an alternative and some interesting Islay and Jura related blog entries to read:

Let me start with a new blog where I expect to see many more Islay and Jura pictures, Markie Nelson Photography. As his girlfriend is from Islay and he regular visits the island he's got plenty of opportunity to take pictures (and has been for a while). Here is his first blog entry with quite a few Islay and Jura pictures: Islay and Jura (late June till early July 2010).

On to some sea kayaking, although not from Douglas this time. Dave is the blogger and kayaker this time, writing on Sea Kayaking in Scotland. He's been to Islay recently and wrote up his experiences (with lots of pictures) in several entries: Isle of Islay, 25-26/06/10, Isle of Islay 27/06/2010, Isle of Islay 28/06/2010 (Part 1), Isle of Islay 28/06/2010 (Part 2), Isle of Islay 29/06/2010 and Isle of Islay 30-2 to 2-7-2010 (Final Posting).

The Northern Walker sends A postcard from Islay and Traves Tangents has a few more postings after the ones I already mentioned last week: Finlaggan, The Sound of Islay, Kilnave Cross and Gracious Heavens.

Anders and Birgit from Norway are on a long (cycle?) tour of Scotland and Ireland, they also visited Islay recently: LYNVINGEN BLOGG: Islay. Euan and Jane took their kids on a camper van holiday to Islay, luckily the title of the entry, The Last, doesn't refer to camper van holidays or visits to Islay. For others there are Potential Travel Obstacles Ahead (due to Islay being on the single ferry at the moment), although according to a follow up entry they are now Safely on Islay.

How about a bit of whisky:

A German whisky tours blog writes about a Warehouse Tasting bei Lagavulin and the Ardbeg Party in den CAVES in Edinburgh. The Boozeblogger tries the Bruichladdich 17yr Rum Cask while on Good Drinks Etc. Tim writes about Ardbeg.

The Scandinavians like their Islay whiskies, on Maltbloggen the Chief Rebel Angel asks for the Islaymästerslap? Last week -Uisge Beatha- from Sweden had made it as far as Campbeltown, this week it was Islay's and Jura's turn: The titles are slightly boring, but 100705-14:55, 100705-22:08, 100706-16:58, 100707-09:10, 100708-08:45, 100708-20:43 and 100709-20:00 let you follow the journey (in Swedish, but you can read the names and view the pictures).

A slightly risque posting on the Bruichladdich blog with Laddie and the Vibrator, soon followed by something more serious, Rain. Ron has a picture of the Charity Ardbeg Bottling Signed by Lord George Robertson.

The other regular topic in the roundup is the birdwatching:

A visiting birder is the Sedge Warbler, who visited Islay 2-10 July. He mentions the two Islay based birdwatching blogs, Islay Birds and Islay Birder. Ian posted this picture of a newly fledged Kestrel and Carl sent him this nice picture of a Chough family. Mixed in with some bird sightings is also the latest rainfall update. John Armitage is away on the mainland, birdwatching and struggling with car problems.

The Islay Natural History Trust again has a number of interesting entries, including a few Hares which are A bit late. There are also Beach flowers and More garden wildflowers.

In other news the Islay Triathlon was the Biggest Ever and the Islay Energy Trust has an update about Argyll’s Offshore Wind Farms – Local Impacts to be Studied.

For the pictures let me start with Travel Pictures (III): Islay | nullmedium this week, also Ron has a nice one with Dawn at the Sound of Islay. From Mark's Islay Photography Gallery I go for Cloud Break and Lower Killeyan. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog my favourites this week were Islay from a viewpoint on Jura and Dubh Artach Lighthouse and Opera House Rocks, Isle of Islay.

I think that's about it this week, quite a lot actually. As usual I close with the reference to the Scottish Roundup and this week's Dates, Dentists, Detectives and Ducklings. Good night for now, I hope this was more interesting than the football…

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