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Dihaoine, 23/Jul/2010

Friday Islay Picture #158 - The High Road

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Hrmpf, how did it get so late again? Better hurry up with this week's Friday Islay picture. But before I get to that I'd like to point out two blog entries on Intrepid Jane's Going The Extra Mile: Running it into the ground… and more importantly Islay: The Heart Of Scotland. Jane is running to raise money for Help for Heroes and has already received some amazing help from Islay. Her 200 mile run on Islay and Jura starts on Monday and I'm quite sure she'll be using this road at least once:

Picture of a single track road stretching in the distance on a sunny June evening

That's of course the B8016, to many better known as the ‘High Road’, from Port Ellen to Bridgend. I took this picture on a beautiful June evening with fantastic light, driving to Kilchoman after having arrived in Port Ellen with the ferry.

I hope Jane will have similar weather and views during her long run!

As usual I will post the larger version (larger as in more than twice as big) on the Islay Pictures photoblog on Saturday morning. Until then, have a great Friday evening! May be with an Islay single malt? Mine's a Laphroaig 18yo this evening.

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