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Diardaoin, 05/Aug/2010

Crossing Scotland in an Inflatable Kayak

Picture of a family of three walking in the wilderness of Islay

When reading the title for this entry some of you might have thought, hm, I wonder this has to do with Islay? Not a lot, but at the same time quite a lot. The connection to Islay are the three people in the picture on the right, as two of them will cross Scotland in an inflatable kayak soon, supported by the third (and hopefully many supporters). Many people on Islay will know them as well as many participants in the Islay Walking Week over the last few years:

They are of course James, Sally and Eleanor, who have lived on Islay for a number of years now, with James working for the RSPB at the Loch Gruinart RSPB reserve. I've known James for quite a few years now (not entirely sure when I first met him), his daughter Eleanor I've also met on several occasions over the last couple of years. So it's great to read about their upcoming adventure and hopefully giving them a helping hand by spreading the word:

Careful readers will have spotted their blog in the recent Islay Blogging Roundup #131 already, in Eleanor and James Crossing Scotland Coast to Coast you can read all about their plans. In short, the two, supported by Sally, will paddle across Scotland from Loch Linnhe to Inverness in September. While doing that they also hope to raise money for charity, namely Marie Curie Cancer Care and the Durrell Trust. You can read more about the charities and why they chose them on their blog.

Over the next few weeks we will hopefully read much much more about the preparations on Islay followed by their journey across Scotland. I hope you'll join me in following and in some way supporting them.

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