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Diluain, 20/Sep/2010

Impressions from Islay's An Cladach Bothy

Islay Pictures in stencil

Most visitors to Islay will be familiar with An Cladach bothy on the Sound of Islay in some way: Either they will have seen it from the ferry to or from Port Askaig or they might even have visited it, if they are walkers. Yesterday I've come across some interesting pictures of it by Will MacGregor, aka skipperwill40 on Flickr:

Screenshot of a Flickr picture collection

Will and his friends seem to be regular visitors to Islay and there the bothy, in his collection I've found pictures from at least three visits, 2005, 2008 and 2010. Two of them are pulled together in sets, the An Cladach Bothy summer 2005 and An Cladach bothy 9 April 2010. To get to the pictures from 2008 it seems the easiest way is to look for the pictures uploaded on Sep 20, 2010. Whichever way you do it, there are some great and/or interesting pictures among them.

Screenshot of a Flickr picture collection

They were difficult to pick, but I've decided to point out a few of my favourites: View from door at An Cladach is just that, a lovely view from the door at the bothy, looking towards McArthur's Head in the evening light. bothy view to south, march 2010 is in a way the same view, yet completely different. It's taken from outside the bothy, but looking in the same direction. And there's snow on the hills. the captain making breakfast gives a nice impression of life in the bothy. The best (possibly) I've left for last, Paps of Jura from An Cladach Bothy, Islay. Doesn't sound that exciting, but looks great, I think, in particular when viewed in lightbox mode.

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