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Diciadain, 06/Oct/2010

Diving to the wreck of the Otranto off Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

On Monday last week, when I wrote about the Slideshow of the Wreck of the Tuscania which had sunk off Islay, I had also briefly mentioned the Badlads. They are a group of friends going diving together in a variety of locations, including Islay. Back then I had held off as I had hoped there would be more videos from their adventures on and around Islay, but at the moment it doesn't look it. Therefore let me remind you of the video of the dive to the wreck of the Otranto, the second of the two tragedies in 1918, the tragedies of the HMS Otranto and HMS Tuscania:

YouTube: Dive Islay 2010

If you are in Germany and can't watch the video (I've heard it might be blocked over there, most likely because of the music added) my apologies, nothing I can do about that. Anyway, the video shows the very disintegrated and overgrown wreck. I asked Dave about it and confirmed the ‘wreck is very broken and? Kelp is very prolific’. GreenManelishi also commented ‘(Broken) wreckage will be covered with kelp, coral, zebra mussels, etc.’ In other words, there isn't actually that much to see, yet it's strangely fascinating to watch the video and trying to spot what remains of the wreck (and is visible).

For a few more videos from Islay on the davemdive try Islay 2010 Badlads Diving and in particular Islay 2010 Video Frenchmans to Kilchearan. Some more good stuff in there, but probably not as interesting as diving to a wreck.

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