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Diluain, 13/Dec/2010

Islay Winter Fun

Islay on Video written in stencil

Some of you might remember the Winter Fun on Islay entry and video from January this year. Yesterday I found a successor to this video with some more quad biking (which means it's a bit noisy, turn down the sound before playing it) on a frozen loch on Islay:

YouTube: 2 Honda Foremans + 1 Frozen loch

I can't really post a video like this without the obligatory health & safety warning, when going on to any frozen loch (or canal or burn or river) be very careful and think twice before endangering yourself. I'm not sure which loch this one is, the one from January was only 1ft deep and frozen solid.

After the Waveboarding Islay Style during the summer I wonder if this will be the next trend sport on Islay? Should the weather forecast be right and winter indeed return to Islay it might just happen…

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