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Diluain, 10/Jan/2011

Singing at Colonsay Ceilidh

Colonsay Excursions written in stencil

Time for an excursion to Colonsay again, I think. While I've mentioned music from Islay many times I'm not sure if I've mentioned music from Colonsay at all so far. Time to catch up. It comes in the form of a YouTube video, although at least for the first listen you might just want to close your eyes and listen to a 10 year old boy singing wonderfully:

YouTube: 10-year-old singing, Isle of Colonsay

Isn't the applause (I'm guessing a standing ovation) he receives at the end fantastic? Well deserved after such a performance!

This video is the first (and so far only) video on the account of catrionacolonsay, who promotes all things Colonsay (Estate). I hope there will be more from this Islay neighbour soon.

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