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Diluain, 31/Jan/2011 on eBay

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Some interesting Islay internet related news today, many Twitter (and Facebook) users will have seen some discussions about it already. It had been ‘on the market’ for several months, but today @whiskycast spotted that the domain is up for auction on eBay. But will it end up in good hands?

As of writing this after only a few hours of the auction being live it has already reached £501 (approx $800), and that's with almost 10 days to go (and the reserve not having been met yet). I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up with a four digit, possibly even a five digit price. It won't reach the heights of the millions paid for some domains in the past, but still.

Now who can afford that kind of money? Probably only some SEO domain type who could fill it with a lot of advertising or a big company, probably a drinks company. Which could mean it ends up as some kind of commercial site either way.

Not what most people would like it to end up as, but I fear that's what's going to happen.

Are there any other options?

Well, Ron of IslayInfo could go for it, but then again I think he's built up the IslayInfo brand now and I'm not sure would be that useful for him. I don't know if he could and more importantly would want to afford the potential price. Some community bid may be? Rather short window to organise, also what would actually go on the site afterwards?

Would I go for it? No. For a number of reasons, but the main reason is that I feel I couldn't do the domain justice. I've got the domains I need for what I can and want to do now (and a few I still want to fill once I find the time) and simply don't have the time and resources to fill an domain with the quality content I'd like to see on it.

Like it or not, setting up (and more importantly maintaining) the high quality website a domain like deserves requires quite a lot of resources, time and money. Could a community effort achieve it? I'm not sure, considering that the domain doesn't look in great shape to me at the moment either if I'm honest.

Or is there any other option I'm missing?

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