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Diardaoin, 03/Feb/2011

Islay after the storm and other pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

It didn't really come as a surprise after Ian's mention of the Fulmars, but today there's a bit of a Gale in Loch Indaal and elsewhere on Islay. So I thought I should post some topical pictures of storms on Islay. While I was looking for some I came a across a picture which is storm related, yet shows the opposite of a storm, as well as a few more nice pictures:

Screenshot of a photostream on Flickr

The picture which started this off is Port Ellen, Islay - The calm after the storm. I found it in the Flickr stream of JimParren, which contains a few more Islay pictures. Unfortunately they are not tagged, so I can't link to a set or collection. I'm afraid you'll have to go through his collection to find them. But I can point out a few more I liked:

Rather moody and dramatic is Saligo Bay. A clever idea (or a great spot?) is Dead snake at Machir. I don't really understand the description, but somehow I like Port Charlotte, Islay at dawn without the tripod leg..... I guess it was on purpose, I like the clever positioning of the silo in Port Ellen, Islay as well as the perspective. I've never noticed it like this, but Sand at Machir Bay, Islay looks nice.

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