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Dimàirt, 22/Feb/2011

Carl introduces Islay to the Germans

Islay on Video written in stencil

It was there, then it was gone, now it's back. I hope it stays there, as I'm now going to blog about it and even embed it. What am I talking about? Yesterday morning I found a video about Islay on the website of the German weekly Die Zeit (which I used to read when I lived in Germany, it's a very good newspaper). The video was presented by Carl Reavey, so I told him about it, only for the link to then go dead with the video disappearing. Now it's back under a different link, I hope it stays online here:

Die Zeit: Zu Gast auf Islay

The video is in English (not sure if or how much German Carl knows) with German subtitles, so it might even be of interest to those of you who don't understand German. Of course Islay is already quite well known in Germany, but hopefully this video will help to spread the word even further.

PS: For more about Islay in German on ‘Die Zeit’ try this search of their archives. Some interesting stuff in there, including a portrait of George Robertson (Schottischer Terrier) from 1999 and of Baron Schroder (Sie nennen ihn Mr. Bruno) from 1992.

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