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Disathairne, 26/Feb/2011

New Jura panorama, Beinn an Oir

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Rather late in the evening, but it turned out to be quite a lot of work to get my latest panorama done. As hinted last weekend I decided to go over to Jura this week, although you still get to see quite a lot of Islay as well. This week's panorama is an addition to my Isle of Jura panoramas collection, as it is a 360° Quicktime VR panorama of the view from Beinn an Oir, the highest of the Paps of Jura. Here's a tiny preview:

Small preview of a 360° panorama

Now that doesn't really show you an awful lot, so for a much better view (and also for those without Quicktime on their computer) here's a larger jpg picture version of the Beinn an Oir summit panorama from the Paps of Jura. Not as good as the QTVR version, but better than nothing.

I took the pictures for the panorama during a walk in June 2010, a full day excursion from Islay. As I hadn't carried a tripod up the Paps of Jura I had to take the pictures ‘free hand’, turning around my axis trying to not to move sideways too much. I'm quite pleased with the result, the only area which didn't turn out right was a small part of Beinn Shiantaidh. It's noticable, but I think doesn't distract too much.

I hope you'll enjoy the new panorama, be it because you haven't been on the Paps yet, because you for whatever reason can't climb the Paps or to remind you of a previous visit.

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