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Dimàirt, 26/Apr/2011

Windows into Islay's Past - Preview

Islay Pictures in stencil

Many people will be familiar with ‘Then and Now’ pictures, comparing an old picture with a new picture of the same location. With Paul's help I had Laggan Farm Then and Now on this blog a while ago, a few years ago I reviewed Mark Unsworth's Islay Past and Present. I've also created a Swindon - Then and Now myself a few years back. Recently I came across a different and very clever way of doing these comparisons, something I decided to also try for a few views on Islay:

I'm not entirely sure where I first spotted this method, it might have been on the German Spreeblick blog. They pointed out the Looking Into The Past group on Flickr (a similar group is also BBC Turn Back Time) which gives lots of excellent examples. In short, you take an old picture and put it into a new picture (either by holding it into the picture or by using PhotoShop) and by doing that create a ‘window into the past’.

Armed with a few pictures I set out to attempt a few of these on Islay, starting with Bruichladdich distillery:

Picture of an old picture inside a current picture of Bruichladdich distillery

This one was very tricky, almost impossible. I never managed to get the bridge to line up even close. Those who followed my Posterous account will have also seen Window into the past: Bruichladdich Distillery, Islay.

I was much happier with a view in Port Charlotte of the (now) hotel and the distillery (Posterous version: Window into the past: Port Charlotte, Islay). After trying out many positions I think this one comes fairly close:

Picture of an old picture inside a current picture of Port Charlotte

What I've only mentioned in passing so far (see Sunset at Laphroaig, Islay) is that I've been working on a series of pictures of Laphroaig distillery. Marcel of laphroaig collector was incredibly helpful and provided me with a number of old pictures of the distillery. They still need a lot of editing and other work (I took dozens of pictures, some were very difficult to get to work), but here's a sneak preview:

Picture of an old picture inside a current picture of Laphroaig distillery

Hopefully over the upcoming long bank holiday weekend I'll create a page with more of them (I think there should be at least four, hopefully five or six usable ones) and in larger versions.

During my next Islay visit in June I'm hoping to take a few more of these pictures, if you have any pictures you think would be suitable and are willing to share please get in touch. In the meantime I hope you'll enjoy the ones I've taken so far.

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