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Dimàirt, 06/Sep/2011

Phil's Islay Panoramas

Islay Pictures in stencil

This evening it's time for a few nice Islay panoramas. Now I haven't asked him, but I've got the strong suspicion the Phil in question is this Phil, after all there can't be that many Phil Gray's on Islay taking nice pictures. In any case, here are some very nice Islay panoramas:

Screenshot from a gallery with three Islay panoramas

The pictures are hosted on a website called (now there's a surprise…), for the Islay ones go to Panoramas by Phil Gray. My favourite is Surfs up, even though some might argue it isn't truly a panorama. I just love the lines, the colours, the mood, the whole picture speaks to me. The other one I quite like is the Bowmore Shore front, it just gives a very nice view of just that. I hope you'll find something you like as well, even though the choice is limited so far. Hopefully there will be coming over time.

Now I'm going to sit back, enjoy the panoramas and wait what the reaction will be (yes, I'm easily entertained). Will this Phil confirm they are indeed his panoramas? Or will a second Phil Gray come forward and claim them?

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