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Diardaoin, 08/Sep/2011

The BMW Z4 Forum visits Islay

Islay Pictures in stencil

It all started just over a year ago, when Nosa suggested a Whisky isle tour in Sept 2011 on the Z4 Forum (that's a BMW Z4 of course). From what I understand they fairly regularly organise tours and meetings certainly all over the UK, I think possibly also abroad. After a great trip to the Isle of Skye last year they decided to visit Islay in September 2011. After a lot of planning it all kicked off in earnest last week:

I've got the funny feeling that I somehow came across the original post that started it all off last year, but then somehow lost track of it. Luckily I spotted a tweet by @PawnSacrifice last week:

@Petrolhead159 thanks... off to Islay - hope ground clearance isn't an issue! Should be a great trip.

I joined the conversation and reassured him that on most roads he should be fine, but that he probably should be careful on some of the minor roads and in particular tracks. From then on we stayed in irregular contact and I picked up that this was the Z4 forum trip. Having returned earlier this week they started to post their reports and pictures from the trip in various places. The trip turned out to be a huge success and they really enjoyed their time on Islay, despite it being a bit blowy at times.

Screenshot of 4 gallery pictures of BMW Z4 in Bruichladdich

They brought back lots of stories and some stunning pictures: Your first point of call should of course be the Z4 Forum, the Islay pictures and reports start on page 22 of the Whisky isle tour, Sept 2011 topic. Even more pictures can be found in various photosharing sites on the web, starting with the ones on Photobucket:

The pictures cover their campsite in Port Charlotte, a drive to Portnahaven with a return via Kilchiaran, visits to many distilleries and a quite spectacular photoshoot at Ardbeg distillery (preview from Nosa's gallery):

Screenshot of 8 gallery pictures of BMW Z4 at Ardbeg

There are also two sets on Flickr I've found:

I hope you enjoy reading about their visit to Islay and the distilleries as well as checking out their pictures as much as I did. From everything I've read they've thoroughly enjoyed their stay and were impressed by how welcoming Islay was. My thanks to @PawnSacrifice for keeping in touch and providing me with some of the links.

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