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Dimàirt, 27/Sep/2011

Planespotting at Islay Airport

Islay on Video written in stencil

Just when I thought I was back in the rhythm with the blog I fell ill, not feeling well enough for anything much yesterday. On the road to recovery now, hopefully 100% by tomorrow. Anyway, back to Islay blogging again: Back in 2007 I posted a Trucks, Lorries and Diggers on Islay video, here's kind of the plane equivalent:

YouTube: Flight movements at Islay airport on a summer Friday in 2010

The first plane you see landing, taxiing and later taking off again is of course the regular scheduled flybe flight from and to Glasgow. The second plane I believe is an air ambulance, the Piper Navajo Chieftain (PA31-350) from AirMed to be precise.

There are several Islay ferry videos out there, we had the trucks, lorries & diggers, I think there's one with coaches/buses and here we have the planes. Anything missing?

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