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Diardaoin, 03/Nov/2011

Nice Pinhole and Analog Camera Islay Pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

By now my last analog film picture is probably more than 10 years ago, having bought my first digital camera some time in late 1999 (I can't remember exactly). Even though my first Islay picture was still with a compact film camera I wouldn't want to miss my digital SLR now. There are still people around who take pictures the old fashioned way though, two years ago I wrote about Ian and his Islay distillery pinhole camera pictures. This week I came across TC4711 from Sweden and his Islay pictures:

Screenshot of a picture gallery on flickr, showing black and white pictures

He uses a variety of analog cameras, in particular from Zeiss Ikon, as well as a pinhole camera. A month ago he visited Islay via Edinburgh, taking a number of very nice black & white pictures. The whole set can be viewed in his Scotland 2011 flickr set.

While not an Islay picture I quite like the Forth Bridge, the colours and tone somehow make it look like a very old picture to me, as if taken many decades ago. Similar the view of Lagavulin - Pinhole. While I seen (and taken myself) dozens of pictures of the view up to the Round Church, Bowmore Village still looks great. Back to Lagavulin, the Lagavulin - Stills is a great picture. And finally I think Paps of Jura really captures the atmosphere of the view very well.

I hope you'll find something you like as well, I really enjoyed looking through them.

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