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Disathairne, 19/Nov/2011

Enjoying the Kilchoman 5yo 2006 Vintage Release Islay Single Malt

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Five years ago I bought six bottles of Islay single malt whisky. Today I finally got to open the first bottle of it and drink from it. Why so long? Because what I bought were Kilchoman futures for 5 year old Kilchoman Islay single malt. As Kilchoman had only just started distilling at the time there wasn't really anything to buy yet.

Picture of a cardboard box from Kilchoman distillery

Last week I paid the outstanding duty, taxes and shipping costs (as they don't know the rates when you initially buy the whisky these are always paid just before taking delivery, same as when you buy a cask), this week I received an email that my bottles had been shipped from Islay. This morning they arrived in Aldermaston Wharf, slightly later than expected but with the advantage that I didn't have to pick them up from the post office as I was home it being a Saturday.

Picture of a box of six bottles of Kilchoman Islay single malt whisky

While it was a bit early in the day to start tasting it I thought I do a bit of ‘unboxing’. My bottles are no.265 to no.270, each of the boxes and bottles is labelled with the respective number. It looks like each of the numbers has been handwritten, now that's personalisation!

Picture of a box of six bottles of Kilchoman Islay single malt, one bottle taken out

The boxes proudly state that this is the 2006 Vintage Release, the first 5 year old to be released. The bottles have a nice chunky design, similar to the regular bottles but with a shorter neck, larger cork and a round 2006 label.

Picture of bottle no.266 of the Kilchoman 2006 vintage release Islay single malt whisky

Now it was time for a bit of patience, as I felt it was a bit too early in the day to start drinking whisky.

Picture of a Kilchoman 2006 vintage release with a poured dram next to it

Early in the evening I was ready for it, opened bottle no.265 and poured the first wee dram. I'm no real whisky expert, but I already know I'm going to like this. Of course there is the peat, a fieryness to start with. Followed by a mouthfilling fruity sweetness which lasts for quite a while.

For comparison I opened a miniature of the Inaugural Release I had kept:

Picture of a miniature bottle of Kilchoman Inaugural Release Islay single malt whisky next to a whisky glass

The two years between this one and the 5yo 2006 vintage release are very obvious. Suddenly the inaugural release while still nice tastes very young and unfinished in comparison.

So I returned to second wee dram of the 5 year old, yes, a much richer taste. I hope you've enjoyed the journey, if you get a chance I recommend giving this a try. If you like the other releases so far I think you'll like this even more.

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