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Dimàirt, 20/Dec/2011

A Short Audio Guide to Islay

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There are all kinds of Islay guides out there on the internet. There's Ron's IslayInfo, the ‘Ultimate Online Guide’ to Islay, there's Visit Islay Jura from the marketing group, the still excellent Islay page on The Internet Guide to Scotland by Joanne Joanne Mackenzie-Winters (I still have a printout of it from 1998 somewhere, from my first visit to Islay) and I've had a go with my Printable Islay guide (PDF). That's a lot to read. For those who prefer to listen I've come across at least a basic option for just that:

I can't embed it here as that option is switched off, but if you go to the Discovery Audio Guides channel on SoundCloud you'll find a number of audio guides for Argyll. The main one of interest here is of course the one for Islay and Jura:

Discovery Audio Guide for Islay and Jura, Argyll

Others you might be interested in when visiting the area include Crinan Canal and Lochgilphead, Argyll, Kilmartin Glen, Argyll and Inveraray, Argyll or Loch Fyne, Argyll. While there is no link on the SoundCloud profile I believe the company behind the clips is Discovery Audio Guides, there is also an Argyll page on their website.

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