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Disathairne, 24/Dec/2011

Unboxing my Laphroaig Christmas Hamper from Islay

Islay Fun in stencil

Merry Christmas! It's Christmas Eve, or Heiligabend, and as for now my passport is still German I'm allowed to open my ‘presents’ on Christmas Eve. As I've mentioned previously I had ordered the Laphroaig Christmas hamper, which arrived from Islay on Wednesday:

Picture of a closed Laphroaig Christmas hamper

This evening it was time to unpack (or in modern terms, unbox) the hamper. While I had a good idea what was going to be in it from the description when I ordered it I was still curious what I would find in it.

Composite picture of two pictures, showing the inside of the Laphroaig Christmas hamper

The hamper came with a card containing a short hand written message, a nice touch from Laphroaig. I don't know how many hampers they sent out, even if they only sent 50 it must have taken some time to write them. Now to the contents of the hamper, almost everything a product from Islay or Jura:

The top layer consisted of some An Gleann tablet, oatcakes from Denise Rozga (baker on Jura) and cheddar cheese with Laphroaig from Inverloch Cheese in Campbeltown. I'll probably have some of that tomorrow.

The bottom layer contained a half bottle of Laphroaig 10yo, a nosing glass and some lovely Laphroaig chocolate truffles from the Islay chocolate company. I'm enjoying the chocolate while writing this, together with a wee dram of the Laphroaig Triple Wood. Then there was a bottle of Kildalton Ale from Islay Ales, some Laphroaig whisky marmalade from MA McKinnon and a fruit loaf.

Picture of the full contents of the Laphroaig Christmas hamper

The chocolate is now (almost) gone, some of the other contents of the hamper will follow tomorrow. Very happy so far, if my experience tomorrow is as good as today ordering the hamper might become a regular occurence.

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