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Dimàirt, 27/Dec/2011

The Islay iPad Sleeve

Islay Fun in stencil

OK then, own up, how many of you did get an iPad (©™® or whatever) from Santa? I suspect there were quite a few under the Christmas trees, on Islay and elsewhere. Now of course you need to protect your new gadget in style. I might have just the thing for you:

Picture of an iPad sleeve in an Islay tartan

The folks at Togs + Clogs offer a selection of iPad Cases and you guessed it, one of them is the Togs + Clogs x A Few Fine Things - The Islay iPad Sleeve - Green/Emerald (there are also Lewis, Barra and Skye versions. No Jura or Colonsay for some reason.). No idea what iPad cases cost otherwise, these will set you back £60. Not sure what an iPad costs, I assume way more than £60 if you need to replace it.

I don't know much about tweeds and tartans, so I'm not sure if the type used has any links to Islay. At least I guess it wouldn't look too much out of place in a hunting lodge (just don't expect too much of a signal if you have the 3G option. WiFi might not be much better, depending on where you're staying…)

PS: via The Style Raconteur

PPS: No, I don't have an iPad. No Android tablet either. But an (already outdated after a year) Android smartphone.

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