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Dimàirt, 03/Jan/2012

Anarkali at the Port Charlotte Hotel, Islay

Islay Music in stencil

Most of you will be well aware of the storm which battered large parts of the UK including Islay today, causing widespread damage across Scotland. Unfortunately Islay also saw quite a bit of damage with the roof at Ramsay Hall, the wall at Port Charlotte pier as well as one of the pagodas at Bowmore distillery. At least to my knowledge nobody was hurt, which is the most important thing! After all that something to cheer everyone up might be good, and what's better than some nice music for that? Music on Islay of course, at the Port Charlotte Hotel:

YouTube: Anarkali Drinks Set!

Initially I thought this was another recording from the Islay Sessions Music Festival, but then I realised from the description this was only recorded on New Year's Day this year, two days ago.

I hope this cheers you up a bit and if you have suffered storm damage that it can be repaired speedily!

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