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Diardaoin, 05/Jan/2012

The Barbershop Blues on Islay

Islay Music in stencil

My original plan for this evening was to blog about Craig's Islay and Hebrides Sketches. But then Donald Feist posted a most amazing video of a performance in the Port Charlotte Hotel, so that will have to wait. Here we go, the Barbershop Blues in an impromptu performance on Islay:

YouTube: 'Three Quavers in a Barr'

Some readers might remember Donald Feist from his Islay Blipfotos I've occasionally mentioned (Check out this fabulous panorama of Kilchoman). He grew up on Islay and regularly returns home. Together with Christopher Barr and David Booth he used to sing as ‘Three Quavers in a Barr’ (yes, that's the correct spelling, read this paragraph again to figure out why).

The three celebrated New Year on Islay and one evening gave this performance in the bar of the Port Charlotte Hotel. It must have been amazing live in the bar, I wish I had been there. At least we can still enjoy this recording of it, thank you very much Donald, David and Christopher for sharing this!

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