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Didòmhnaich, 08/Jan/2012

Islay Blogging Roundup #195

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

That was a fairly productive weekend, at least from yesterday afternoon onwards. Regular readers might have noticed that yesterday I've started tweaking the design slightly, I hope you like it. I might tweak (but not fundamentally change) a bit more over the coming days, I certainly need to update the Islay blog links and Twitter users over the next week or so. Earlier today I went on an Excursion from Aldermaston Wharf to Oxford as I felt I had to get out a bit. Now that I'm back home it's time for this week's Islay blogging roundup, what did the blogs have to say about Islay?

The big event was of course the storm on Tuesday morning, forcing the Islay Birds blog offline for over 102 hours. Ron picks it up in Wet and Windy too on Islay and Powerless on Islay (and with ‘only’ 53 hours they were a bit quicker than Kilchoman). The Islay Natural History Trust blog also has a few updates about the storm, including Hurricane!, Hurricane Damage in Bridgend Woods and Hurricane. The Bruichladdich Blog reports of a Storming New Year but mashing still went ahead. John Armitage writes about a Training Day, that Hope hangs eternal and finally Back to normality!

Moving on to a few whisky postings: A Wardrobe of Whisky has a Kilchoman Inaugural 100% Islay Cask Strength Tasting note while on the German Home of Whisky we find a guest entry by Stephan Goldmann Kontrast-Programm Kilchoman. The (Swedish I believe) Whiskylogg writes about the Bruichladdich Peat and earlier The Ileach (no, not person from Islay or the newspaper, but the whisky). I've never heard of the series, but Scotch Cinema blogs about 50 Year old Cask Strength Bowmore in "Leverage". Guid Scotch Drink has been Tasting Kilchoman 5 Year Old.

The same Stephan who wrote the guest entry I mentioned above also blogs on, an entry I think I missed earlier is Finlaggan – Sitz der Inselherren. In other news the Islay Half-Marathon blog announces the 2012 race entry form and Katrina recalls her training for climbing Kilimanjaro which included climbing Beinn Bheigier on Islay.

Despite the storm there was a bit of birdwatching and wildlife. An entry I had missed earlier was Birdquest'S Islay 30th Anniversary Reunion. The Islay Birds blog still managed two birdwatching entries despite the storm: Before and after (the catch up edition) the storm. The Islay Natural History Trust blog has Lichens in Bridgend and some Goose barnacles by Kirsty and Robin. John Armitage also was Thankfully.....back to birding!

To close the pictures not mentioned yet among the storm pictures: Mark Unsworth's Image of the week is a great one of the Rinns of Islay lighthouse in the storm, on his Islay Photography Gallery we find a windswept Machir Bay and an Approaching Hail Storm. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go for the Machir Bay Panorama and the Two Horses at Rockside Farm, Kilchoman, Isle of Islay.

With that I'll close for this week, I hope I haven't missed anything important. If I have, that's what the comments are there for. As usual the link to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture, this week with Scottish blog roundup: new thoughts cover old ground. Good night!

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