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Disathairne, 21/Jan/2012

Must Be The Islay Whisky…

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This evening I felt like another music evening, together with a nice Islay single malt whisky. Now the song isn't strictly speaking of Islay whisky (not even Scottish whisky), as it is called ‘Must Be The Whiskey‘, but RootsyPeter created a quite stylish video/ slide show for it using mainly Islay (distillery) pictures:

YouTube: Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez - Must be the whiskey (whisky)

While both Chip and Carrie are from America they seem to have travelled extensively and played in Europe in various locations. May be they can be persuaded to visit Islay and write a new song about Islay whisky?

I hope you've enjoyed the song and the pictures, may be with a wee dram of your choice. My choice this evening is the Laphroaig Càirdeas (Ileach Edition), enjoyed with some dark chocolate.

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