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Diluain, 30/Jan/2012

Reminder, Please Vote for Islay High at FilmG!

Islay on Video written in stencil

With only just over 27 hours to go until the voting closes when I'm writing this I thought this would be a good time for a reminder to support Islay High School: At least some of you will hopefully remember the Vote for the FilmG 2012 entry from Islay High School! entry I wrote two weeks ago, many of you will have voted already. As a reminder, here's the film by Islay High School again for you to watch: Eilean an Uisge Bheatha | Islay High School - FilmG Alba

If you haven't voted yet you've got until Tuesday, 31/Jan/2012, midnight (that's UK time, meaning afternoon to early evening for my American readers) to cast your vote. You've got to do this on the The Films page on the FilmG website, I've written a more detailed description about how to vote for Islay High School's ‘Eilean an Uisge Bheatha’ entry in the previous entry. I'm sure Ross, Fraser, Caitlin, Mairi, Heather and Ìle will be grateful for your vote.

Oh, and a little bit of back story I've been told since: It was done in a week instead of 2 months due to the weather.

Now go voting, only 27 hours (or less, depending on when you read this) left to make your vote count…

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