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Diardaoin, 02/Feb/2012

Colonsay Book Festival

Colonsay Excursions written in stencil

After the music and the film over the first three day of this week I thought I should move on to another medium today: To books. Many people will be familiar with the well established excellent Islay Book Festival. Now Islay's neighbour Colonsay is going to have one as well:

On Sunday I came across a report in The Scotsman, titled Book lovers invited to the Edge as Colonsay opens latest festivals chapter, bringing news of the upcoming first book festival on Colonsay. It is expected to be the most remote literary festival (no idea if that's an accurate claim, but it sounds likely) and will operate under the name ‘Conversations @ the Edge’.

It doesn't have a fancy domain name yet, but there is already a Colonsay Book Festival website. In addition there is a Colonsay Book Festival Facebook page as well as a Colonsay Book Festival Twitter account.

The festival will take place 27-29/Apr/2012 with some of Scotland's best novelists and poets (as well as singers). The lineup includes:

For further information about Colonsay I recommend the Colonsay community website as well as the Colonsay Events website.

PS: Back to Islay tomorrow with the usual medium…

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