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Diardaoin, 16/Feb/2012

Islay Distillery Van Models

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About two weeks ago I think it was, when I came across some ‘blog’ linking to all kinds of eBay auctions. Not a place where I would normally spend more than the 30 milliseconds it takes to hit the close button for the tab in the browser. But this one was a rare exception, as it showed an Islay distillery van model (can't remember which one just now). I made another exception and actually clicked on the link to eBay and subsequently even ordered three:

Picture of three van models with Islay distillery logos on them

They arrived late last week, but after some ‘service improvements’ by Royal Mail meaning my delivery office is now a 20+ miles round trip instead of a 10 miles round trip meant I only picked them up last night. A quick picture post Islay distillery vans created quite a few reactions, several people asking where I got them.

The eBay seller I bought them from is troutyhelen, as of this evening I can find the following Islay distillery vans in the shop:

At the moment the don't seem to cover the other four distilleries, may be if these become a success? In any case, I'm very pleased with them, they will feature on my Islay whisky shelf.

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