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Disathairne, 10/Mar/2012

Birds And Whisky, Jazz Inspired by Islay

Islay Music in stencil

Jazz isn't really my style of music I must admit. Most of the time BBC 6 Music is playing while I'm writing an Islay blog entry. And while the station is celebrating its 10th birthday this month I can't really think of a link to Islay, so I'm turning to some Islay inspired Jazz instead:

YouTube: “Birds and Whisky” - Stu Brown/John Hollenbeck Group

Now if you're wondering where the link to Islay and the inspiration is the description from the video comes into play:

Part of the “Naturally Inspired” Project, featuring music written by drummers/ composers Stu Brown and John Hollenbeck, inspired by a week long visit to the RSPB bird reserve on Islay.

For some further background you might want to read RSPB members in for a treat as birdsong inspired jazz suite hits Edinburgh and Naturally Inspired…by Birdsong. I hope at least the jazz lovers among you enjoyed it, this isn't the only Islay inspired composition they performed, I'll probably follow up with another one some other day.

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