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Didòmhnaich, 20/May/2012

Islay Blogging Roundup #212

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Sunday evening already again after a busy weekend getting a few things sorted at home. It was pretty grey weekend in West Berkshire, so I didn't get out much. The forecast for next week looks fairly decent though, both for Aldermaston Wharf and for Islay. Let's see how good the forecasters are… But now back to Islay, Jura and Colonsay in the blogs this week:

Let's have a few Islay whisky post to start with: No idea what it means (apart from having something to do with Bourbon casks), but writes Helt olikt bourbon-lagrade Bruichladdich. An American property law blog isn't an obvious place for an Islay whisky related blog entry, yet that's what you find at Looking For a Rental Property in Scotland? Joshua of Jewmalt continues his series with Islay distilleries explained thru Rock and Roll comparisons – Part 4 – Bowmore & my review of Dawn, their older Portwood bottling while LittleTipple is playing with fire and drinking The Unpronounceable Ardbegs. Stephen usually is more of a beer drinker, but he's also got Laphroaig: An Appreciation. The Malt Impostor tries The Bruichladdich Peat (50 ml airline bottle). Andrea from Italy writes Kilchoman (il whisky “giovane”) while the whisky drinker makes a confession about The New Kid in Town. And Gunwalt writes about Das Dunkle in der Flasche und in der Dose.

I don't have the faintest idea what is say, but the Whisky Israel blog has two entries from a visit to Scotland and in particular Islay, here's the first and here's the second. Lots of pictures for those of us who don't have the Hebrew. Quite a few entries from an Islay visit also on the Spirits Journal - Scotland - Day 10: A Bit of History, Scotland - Day 9 continued: An Addendum, Scotland - Day 9: Port Askaig, Scotland - Day 8: Bruichladdich & Kilchoman and Scotland - Day 7: The South of Islay are the entries so far. Looking ahead to the festival the Master of Malt tells us Title: Win Free Stuff By Bothering us on Islay.

Rachel announces the WHISKY FOR GIRLS SONG and has her first GUEST WRITER POST on the Whisky for Girls site.

More generally Time to Wander writes The Fine Taste of Islay, still with a focus on whisky though. Ron is Off on Holiday including a visit to Islay.

Another step on their way to installation in the Sound of Islay, the IET reports the HS1000 1MW Tidal Device Achieves Full Export Power. Justin claims God broke my alternator…. At Port Ellen Primary they were involved in the Beach Clean and learned about a variety of things including The human Body and Tesselltion. There are also news from the p6/7 oban trip. No footballers involved, but there were 'Handbags' over sleeping quarters.... on the farm.

On Colonsay the colonsaycroftess is going to give it all up and become a doctor! And no, it's not her who is Broody!

Over to the birdwatching and wildlife: A few birdwatchers from Radnor are Back home again after a successful Islay visit, similar to visitors from Airedale Islay 5th-12th May 2012. Kate admits not really being a birder in Seven Cuckoos and stop and having a few problems with her Cuckoo alarm. A similar alarm is mentioned on the Islay Birds blog, which also has a Dotterel and various Geese. The Islay Natural History Trust blog in the meantime brings us Bluebells - Bridgend, a very nice Rainbow - Bridgend merse yesterday and Apple blossom - Lorgba, Port Charlotte.

To finish as usual the pictures for you to enjoy: Julian posted a bunch on his ‘Photodump’, Isle of Islay - Part One and Isle of Islay - Part Two. On Mark Unsworth's gallery someone is Returning the Catch and he takes us over to Jura for a view from the summit of Ben Shiantaidh. His Image of the week is a sunset at Finlaggan. Phil brings us an interesting shot of creels at sunset and a different take on a path in Bridgend. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go for Goats and Deer at Mhala Bholsa, Arriving at the Big Caves at Bholsa and The Paps of Jura in the Evening Light, seen from Islay Ferry.

That's it for this week again. For the bigger picture there's the Scottish Roundup, this week with 100% accu-rat. Good night!

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