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Diardaoin, 31/May/2012

Catriona's Islay Sketches

Islay Pictures in stencil

Thought about linking to a few Islay festival updates, but then decided otherwise. Most of them are blogs and they will have to wait until the blogging roundup on Sunday. Instead I'll link to a few nice Islay sketches, drawings and watercolours I managed to find in a few old blog entries (oh, the irony!):

Thumbnail of a watercolour painting of Oronsay with the lighthouse

I found them in Catriona's blog called Inklings. Catriona is ‘an illustrator, artist, trainee beekeeper and renaissance soul’. She visited Islay in 2010 and you can find a variety of her work from Islay in Highlands and Islands, Choughs away, Literature & Lighthouses and Seals. The text indicates it was somewhere else, but the first sketch in Ambitions reminds me of an Islay ferry (Heb Isles). Not sure if there are other (Calmac) ferries with a similar observation lounge.

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