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Dimàirt, 26/Jun/2012

Fabulous Islay Illustration by the Magnificent Octopus

Islay Pictures in stencil

I'm slightly confused at the moment, as I thought I had mentioned the artist I'm going to write about tonight on this blog already for another reason. Yet I can't find anything in the archives. Even more reason to write about him then. On Saturday morning, during my last hours on Islay, Andy got in touch with a tweet teasing Brian and myself ‘you may recognise my latest little creation’. Of course we did, and you almost certainly will as well:

Drawing of a lighthouse and geese

This wonderful illustration (I think that's what it is called, or is drawing the right term? Unfortunately I'm not sure about the correct terminology here) comes From the tentacles of … the Magnificent Octopus (blog entry in question) and is titled 55° 44.690’ N, 06° 22’.344’ W on Flickr. For those needing help with identifying the location, here's the Google Maps view for those coordinates.

Yes, that's of course the lighthouse in Port Charlotte at Loch Indaal with the Paps of Jura in the distance. Andy also managed to smuggle some of Islay's birdlife in, Barnacle Geese and a Stonechat. One of my favourite views on Islay (hint, look up to the top of the page…).

Before I close the reason I thought I had mentioned him before: When not drawing beautiful illustrations Andy is also into cycling and went on a rather long cycling tour from Edinburgh to Dunnet Head including a visit to Islay and Jura. For some impressions go to Let's go touring, for the Islay related pictures try the ones tagged islay.

I hope you like Andy's art as much as I do, from the comment hinting at a series I'm hoping there might be more Islay coming up…

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